Playoffs Challenge 2023

The time has come! We now know which teams have qualified for the Playoffs 1 and 2. Which team will be crowned the Belgian champion? Who will win their ticket for the European adventure next season?

From 28/04 to 10/06, take part in the Playoffs Challenge FOR FREE, the best predictions game on the Belgian championship’s PO1 and PO2*.

  1.  Log in or create your account

  2. Predict the exact score of the PO1 and PO2 matches

  3. Win CASH, BetXtra and get loads of COINS

A free game

Participation is completely FREE for the exclusive prediction game just for fans of the Belgian championship! Don’t wait any longer to show what you’re worth.

Win big

Correctly guess the exact score of the PO1 and PO2 matches and win BetXtra and a flood of COINS! Become the best predictor and win up to €5,000.

Who will be champion?

Answer 5 predictive questions about the Playoffs to win extra points, which will help you climb up the leaderboard, and CASH.

The Playoffs Challenge has even more to offer...


Use your Boosters wisely during the competition. They can double your points on one match. You have a Booster for each matchday. Boosters cannot be accumulated from one day to the next.

Rewarded predictions

Get as many winning predictions as possible on the exact scores of the PO1 and PO2 matches**. For each correct prediction you will win 25 points. If you get the correct outcome (1, X or 2), but not the right score, you win 10 points.

Our predictive quiz could also be a game changer. 20 points are awarded for each right answer.

Try to climb to the top rewarded spots at the end of the season (top 10) and enjoy a BetXtra and COINS for each winning prediction after every playoffs matchday.

After each playoffs matchday

1 exact score = 1 +50% BetXtra

2 exact scores = 1 +50% BetXtra + 500 COINS

3 exact scores = 1 +100% BetXtra + 1,000 COINS

4 exact scores = 1 +100% BetXtra + 10,000 COINS

General rewarded leaderboard

1st: €5,000

2nd: €2,500

3rd: €1,000

4th: €500

5th: €400

6th: €300

7th: €200

8th: €50

9th: €25

10th: €25

Have you beaten the Circus Daily experts’ predictions at the end of the Challenge? €10 CASH goes in your pocket!

*The “predictions” part of the Challenge is only available to players who have placed a sports bet in the last 30 days, with the exception of new players. They are entitled to 30 days after registration before being subject to this rule.

**It is only possible to predict the upcoming matchday.