Pro League Challenge 22-23

Become the king of predictions!

From 30/09 to 11/11, make sparks in what will be the 2nd stage of the Challenge, your best FREE prediction game on the Belgian Championship*.

  1. Log in or create your account

  2. Predict the outcome (1,X or 2) of the Pro League matches

  3. Win CASH and get loads of COINS

A free game

Participation is completely FREE for the exclusive prediction game just for fans of the Belgian championship! Don’t wait any longer to show what you’re worth. Get predicting!

Win loads of CASH

Get the best score of the matchday and win €500 CASH. Shine throughout the stage, but also throughout the season to win even more. Have you beaten the expert? 300 more COINS go in your pocket.

Take part with friends

Do you have the best group of friends? Create your Friends League (min. 5 people). At the end of the stage, the top 5 leagues will win up to 200,000 COINS to share among its members**.

The Pro League Challenge also has...


Use your Boosters wisely during the competition. They can double your points on one match. You have a Booster for each matchday. Boosters cannot be accumulated from one day to the next.

Points are doubled by default on the Standard de Liège and KAA Gent matches, the two Circus partners. Therefore, no Boosters can be placed on these matches.

More stages for more winnings!

This season, the Pro League Challenge is again divided into several stages to allow you to win more CASH, COINS and prizes. Like last year, special matchdays are planned throughout the Challenge.

Try to reach the top rewards at the end of each matchday of the championship, at the end of each stage (top 20), as well as at the end of the season (top 100).

Get as many winning predictions as possible on the results of the Pro League matches. Each correct prediction will win you 10 points***.

*The “predictions” part of the Challenge is only available to players who have placed a sports bet in the last 30 days, with the exception of new players. They are entitled to 30 days after registration before being subject to this rule.

**The points awarded to the Friends Leagues will be distributed according to the following calculation: sum of the 5 best scores in the league.

***It is only possible to predict the following day.

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