Pro League Challenge 23-24

The most committed predictors have been waiting impatiently for it. The newcomers will be delighted to discover it. The Pro League Challenge is back for the Club members!

From 15/09 to 11/11, make sparks in what will be the 2nd stage of the Pro League Challenge, the best FREE prediction game on the Belgian Championship*.

Collect as many points as possible, finish at the top of the leaderboard and get rewarded. Get those COINS and BetXtra!

  1. Log in or create your account

  2. Predict the outcome (1,X or 2) of the Pro League matches

  3. Win COINS and BetXtra

Pro League Challenge 23-24

A free game

Participation is completely FREE for the exclusive prediction game just for fans of the Belgian championship! Don’t wait any longer to show what you’re worth. Get predicting!


Win loads of COINS

Get the best score of the matchday and win 50.000 COINS. Make sparks throughout each phase to win even more. Have you beaten the expert? 300 more COINS go in your pocket.

BetXtra 100%

Enjoy a ton of BetXtra

Enjoy a +20% LIVE BetXtra every time you manage to score at least 10 points, a +100% BetXtra if you make (by betting) your prediction as well as a +50% LIVE BetXtra for every 200 points scored. 

How does the Pro League Challenge work?


Use your Boosters wisely during the competition. They can double your points on one match. You have a Booster for each matchday. Boosters cannot be accumulated from one day to the next.

Points are doubled by default on the Standard de Liège and KAA Gent matches, the two Circus partners. Therefore, no Boosters can be placed on these matches.

Boosters x2

More stages for more winnings!

This season, the Pro League Challenge is again divided into several stages to allow you to win more COINS and BetXtra.

Try to reach the top rewards at the end of each matchday of the championship, and at the end of each stage (top 10).

Get as many winning predictions as possible on the results of the Pro League matches. For each correct prediction you will win 10 points**.

Planning stage 1,2,3,4,Playoffs