Red Fan Challenge, make your inner fan roar!

What would a World Cup be without a proper predictions game? Alone, with your family, with your colleagues or with your friends, take part in the Red Fan Challenge, your 100% FREE predictions game, with loads of surprises up for grabs!

Show which predictor you are and what you are capable of against Ronaldinho, our ambassador and expert of this Challenge, and win CASH! 

  1. Predict the exact score of all the World Cup matches FOR FREE

  2. Be one of the best predictors and win an iPhone 14 and up to €10,000

  3. Win €100 CASH if you manage to beat the legend at the end of the tournament*

*Offer reserved for the 500 best players of the Red Fan Challenge.

Everything you need to know about the Red Fan Challenge

So, what actually is the Red Fan Challenge?

A challenge in two parts that takes place at before and during the World Cup 2022.

The first part “Which supporter are you?” consists of choosing the scenario of Belgium’s journey in Qatar that you think is the most likely. Depending on the scenario chosen, the player will get specific and exclusive perks.

The second part is a 100% FREE predictions game where the player will have to make predictions about the World Cup matches.

Who can take part?

To take part in the Red Fan Challenge, all you need is a Circus account and to have made a sports bet within the last 30 days, unless the account was opened less than 30 days ago.  

When can you take part?

The first part of the Challenge “Which supporter are you?” is available from 10/11/22 to 22/11/22.

The predictions part will be available from 10/11/22 until the end of the World Cup on 18/12/22. You can change your prediction until the kick off of each match.

How are the points calculated?

During the group stage

You get 10 points if you correctly predict the outcome of a match. Did you get the final score right? You get 15 bonus points on top of the 10 points, meaning a total of 25 points.

During the knockout stage

You get 20 points if you correctly predict the outcome of a match. Did you also get the final score right? You get 30 bonus points on top of the 20 points already won, meaning a total of 50 points.

Two ways to double your points:

  • Devil Booster

With a Devil Booster, you double your points on the match of your choice. Use it wisely, each Devil Booster is only valid once! Thanks to our various promotions, you will have the chance to win extra Devil Boosters.

  • During the Devils' matches

During every Belgium match, your points are multiplied by 2. To win as many points as possible, you have every interest in the Devils following their dream!

 What perks are there during the Challenge?
  • Boosters

Use your Boosters wisely during the competition. They can double your points on one match. You can take advantage of 5 Boosters during the group stage and 3 Boosters during the knockout stage. Boosters cannot be accumulated from one stage to the next.

  • +50% LIVE BetXtras

Have you correctly predicted the exact score of a match? Take advantage of a +50% LIVE BetXtra the day after your winning prediction. This will be valid on any World Cup match. It will allow you to easily increase your winnings on the matches that catch your eye!

What can you win?

For the players that chose a scenario in the first part of the Challenge, the winnings are the sum of €100,000 to share evenly between the players who chose the scenario that actually happened.

For the “predictions” part of the Challenge, €20,000 is up for grabs. The top 10 of the Challenge will be rewarded. The big winner will receive €10.000. The 3 best predictors will also win an iPhone 14.