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Esports bets

The phenomenon is relatively new, but has seen massive success that has drawn in millions of fans around the world. When we think of sports betting, we think about traditional sports like football, tennis or basketball. While there are more than enough online sports betting options, it could be interesting to try something a bit different. And that thing might be the world of Esports.

Betting on Esports is becoming more and more common and you can win big thanks to advantageous odds. So, Circus isn’t going to let it pass by. Dive into the world of competitive video gaming and win loads of CASH.  

Why bet on Esports?

Even though Esports isn’t a sport in the strict sense of the term, it is a discipline regulated by official bodies where the show will always be a part of the game. This type of competition has existed since the 70s, but it is only during recent years that the discipline has become more and more widespread and has progressively become a part of sports betting.

Discover the best online players and see how they progress in games like Counter Strike GO, Dota 2, League of Legends (LoL), Honor of Kings, the famous King Pro League or Starcraft. The top Esports! Who will have the skill and technique to beat their opponent? If you take a closer look, betting on Esports could bring you a lot of winnings.

How to place an Esports bet?

The simplest and most popular bet is staking on the winning team or players. A draw doesn’t exist. Depending on the game and its availability, it is also possible to place a handicap or the exact score of the game.

Follow all the Esports betting news and updates by referring to the Esports tournaments. These are good indicators of how your favorite Esports players or teams are doing. Going through a bad patch? Drop in concentration? An underdog’s debut? All these factors can affect the odds.

At Circus you can also bet live on Esports and react to the action as it's happening. Make the most of changing odds to bet at the best time!

Bet on Esports now and discover the latest results as well as all our best odds for your bets. Circus is the place to be!

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