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Snooker sports bets

This popular sport of British origin has been around since 1875. Over the years it has expanded internationally, mainly in China, and this sport has become a firm favorite for its fans. With big competitions happening internationally all year round, it is also a great choice for sports betting fans.

Snooker is governed by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) and has gone from being a sport that was created and enjoyed by British Army officers in India, to an internationally recognized and loved sport. The modern era of snooker began in 1969 when the World snooker Championship started being played as a knockout tournament. Check out our snooker odds and place a great bet!

Bet on the major snooker tournaments

The World Snooker Tour involves 128 players competing on a circuit of up to 28 tournaments each season and draws about 500 million viewers worldwide. Who can play in the World Snooker Tour? The top 64 ranked players are guaranteed to stay for the next season and there are various ways that other players can qualify by playing in other competitions.

The most prestigious of the snooker tournaments is the World Snooker Championship, which takes place annually at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England. This championship is one of the three that make up the Triple Crown Series. The other two are the Masters and the UK Championship. Any players skilled enough to win all three earn the right to wear an embroidered crown on their waistcoat. In the modern era, 11 snooker players have achieved this feat, with Ronnie O'Sullivan holding the record for the most with a massive 21 Triple Crown titles!

Great odds on legendary snooker players

Although this sport was dominated by British legends for years, such as Joe Davis, who left a real impression on the sport, now we can see international players competing alongside the British players. For example, the Belgian player Luca Brecel has made a real impression by becoming the youngest ever player to play at the Crucible and also being the first mainland European player to win a ranked event. He is definitely one to watch. This sport is also very popular in China, with players like Ding Junhui, who has won 14 major ranking titles, proving this sport’s real international appeal.

When it comes to betting, there are always the Snooker legends you can count on, like Mark Anthony Selby the four-time Snooker World Champion, Judd Trump with 23 ranking titles, or Ronnie O'Sullivan the current world number one. But there are also always new, young players making their way in the snooker world and climbing up the snooker world rankings to keep an eye on.

Markets for snooker betting

When it comes to snooker, you have several choices for which bets you can place. For example, you can place a bet on the winner of a match, or an over/under bet on the number of frames. In snooker, a frame is the name for the individual games within a match.

At Circus, you can also bet live! Feel the thrill of your favorite snooker matches even more and place your bets as the action is happening. Keep an eye on the live scores and make the most of changing odds to place your live snooker bet at the perfect moment.

Get snooker betting tips

Brand new to sports betting? Wondering how to bet on snooker? Check out our tips and tricks to learn all your need to know to place your first bet. Check out the snooker odds at Circus and get betting!

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