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American football sports bets

Go to the other side of the ocean and experience every pass, tackle and touchdown like never before. Betting on one of America's most popular sports, American football, starts on the best sports betting site with the best odds: Circus.be! Place your bet on the biggest matches and competitions, whether in prematch or LIVE mode, enjoy every clash and find out if and how much you've won. Enjoy the sport that brings the most visitors to stadiums worldwide and experience the thrill!

How does American football actually work?

Every sport has its own rules so, before betting on American football, it’s important to understand the rules. In order to get ready to place a sports bet on this sport, we are going to briefly explain the rules and the types of bets or you.

In American football, as in many other sports, the idea is that a team scores more points than their opponents during a match. The battle takes place in four fifteen minutes sections.

In American football, points are scored by getting the ball to the endzone (behind the lines), by catching a ball, also called a touchdown, or by scoring a field goal by shooting the ball between the goal posts. Bonus points can also be earned by a kick (a kick after a touchdown).

There is always an attacking team and a defensive team. The attacking team gets 4 attempts to cross the 10-yard field and reach the endline. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, the attacking team can try to score a field goal.

Have the teams not scored after four quarters? Then the game goes to overtime and the team that scores first wins the game.

Take advantage of several types of bets

Do you want to bet on American football? At Circus you can choose to bet on different aspects. For example, what do you think of:

Betting on the winner or the moneyline

Do you feel like a certain team is going to win? Then place your bet on the winner of the match.

Betting on the number of goals

Do you have a feeling that a certain team is going to get a certain score? Then bet on the number of goals of the match.

Betting on the first half/match

Do you feel like going for something more specific? Then predict the outcome of the first half and the result of the full match.

Betting on the first or last touchdown maker

Are you aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each player and have a feeling about who is going to make the first or last touchdown? Then this bet is for you! Does the player of your choice end up not playing? Then your bet will be refunded.

But that's not all! At Circus you can also place bets on the quarters or a specific half, as well as bet with a handicap, or place an over/ under bet. The possibilities are endless. So, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to know more about the rules of American football and betting? Then take a look at our sports betting rules.

Place your bet on the NFL

The National Football League season, when 32 teams will compete in 2 conferences (the NFC East and the NFC West), is just around the corner. The NFL is the professional and highest league of American football and is also home to the best players in the world. And this 103rd season is going to be exciting. The winners have yet to seize their chance and the losers could still overcome their first obstacle. Anything can happen, after all, the battle to the Super Bowl is not complete without a bit of luck.

Do you have your eye on the NFC East and want to bet on the Indianapolis Colts who, after a wonderful season with quarterback Matt Ryan, the star Stephon Gilmore and pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue, are ready for victory? Or will you be daring and place your bets on the Kansas City Chiefs, who have to compete against a lot of tough opponents?

Will you go for the NFC West and place your bet on the Philadelphia Eagles who, with players like A.J Brown, Haason Reddick and Jordan Davis, are eager to play an amazing game. Or will you go for the Green Bay Packers?

Whatever you choose, with lots of betting markets and best odds you are sure to experience the NFL to the max this season.

Bet on the NCAA and pocket some winnings

The NCAA is another one not to miss at Circus. The NCAA is the highest level of American college football with hundreds of schools competing in 3 divisions and multiple conferences. The teams are eager to compete against each other and win the prize. And if you can't wait to win either, you’ve come to the right place at Circus. Boost your winnings with our best odds or Opti Odds. Or secure your NCAA bet with our Cash Out. Will you bet on the Southeastern Conference, the Big Ten or the Big Twelve

Enjoy all sports betting perks at Circus

Just like in football, tennis and baseball, you can also benefit from the many sports betting perks at Circus on your American football bets.

Get the biggest winnings with our best odds. Insure your bet and secure your winnings with our Cash Out feature. Add multiple bets to your bet slip and make your odds explode with our Opti Odds. Or bet and get COINS that you can swap for an amazing in our Circus Club.

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