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Bundesliga sports betting

The Bundesliga brings together 18 teams who go head to head in the now unmissable German football championship. The Bundesliga's final leaderboard is extremely important. Several tickets to the Champions League as well as a guaranteed place in the Europa League are up for grabs in this competition. Which teams will qualify for these prestigious international tournaments?

Bayern Munich in the spotlight

Bayern is the Rekordmeister, having won 31 titles and invincible since 2013, will the Bavarian club be the champions once again or will the king finally be overthrown? One thing is for sure, you can bet on the Bundesliga with Circus, so don't wait another minute!

Different types of bets and markets

Have you not missed a single match? Test your knowledge by betting on the result of the season's next matches. Circus offers you a range of sports bets at the height of the biggest competitions.

At Circus, you can bet on the match winner or on a draw. Keep an eye on the odds, they are your best tools to predict the result of the match. The lower the odds, the higher your chances.

You also have the option of only betting on the total number of goals scored. A number of goals is suggested and you decide if there will be more or less. You can also place a bet on the team that will score the first goal or the team that will be on top at half-time. Will both teams score? It's up to you to decide if both teams will score at least one goal in the match.

You also have other betting options, such as draw no bet, double chance or handicap, to allow you to use absolutely all your sports betting knowledge.

Is the evening going to be full of great matches? Bet on several matches at once with our combination bets and system bets.

Bet live

If you like to live the moment to the fullest, don't forget you can also bet live. Follow the live odds and enjoy your favorite club's victory even more.

Your knowledge makes the difference

Betting on football is simple, especially if you follow our guide, but making the right prediction requires some knowledge of the sport. Compare the odds before betting and check which will win you the most. Analyze the teams' compositions. Check if a player is injured or excluded. Anticipate the coach's tactic for the match.

Have you become a real football expert? It's time to put your knowledge to the test and bet on the Bundesliga.

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