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NBA sports bets

Since its creation in 1946, the NBA has attracted the biggest basketball players on the planet. All dreaming of playing in this championship and having their name written among the greatest players of all time. The NBA is one of the four major leagues in North America, along with the NHL for ice hockey, the NFL for American football and the MLB for baseball. The regular season normally consists of 82 matches, which all bettors who love basketball will be sure to follow every detail of. Follow the East and West conferences at Circus by betting with the best odds in Belgium. The hunt for trophies has begun and, in the East as well as in the West, the show promises to be fabulous!

East and West on the quest to be titled NBA champions

The NBA is made up of two championships: the East Conference and the West Conference. After an 82-match season, the 8 best teams from each Conference go against each other in impressive playoffs to try and get to the Conference final. The stakes are high as the winning team get a one-way ticket to the NBA final against the winners of each Conference. Who will be crowned as the NBA champion this year?

In the East, the Boston Celtics largely dominate the Conference winners leaderboard. With 22 titles under their belt, they were the Eastern conference winners in 2022. Other teams that also deserve our attention are the Miami Heat, the 76ers and the Milwaukee Bucks, who not too long ago were considered as underdogs but are now ready to dethrone the biggest teams.

In the West, the Los Angeles Lakers have the most titles in their Conference, far ahead of the Golden State Warriors, who have reached the NBA final several times in recent years. Which franchise will surprises us this season?

Regular season, All-Star Game, playoffs and much more, the NBA season promises to be full of twists, turns and winning bets!

Coveted individual awards

Just like the title of NBA champion, the NBA individual awards are also coveted titles. Most valuable player, rookie of the year, sixth man of the year, playoffs or All-Star Game MVP, coach of the year and many more. It's time to make your predictions and bet on your favorite candidates with the best odds! In the East as well as in the West, the battle rages on to win the honor of the world's premier basketball league.

All our markets for betting on the NBA

Like every year, there are loads of great NBA bets to be made at Circus. Take advantage of several markets to place a winning bet with the best odds in Belgium!

Bet on the NBA standings with Circus. Who will win the final? Which team will be the best in the East? Who will dominate the Western Conference? Which player will lift the highly coveted MVP of the year trophy? Which teams will be in the playoffs? Who will be crowned sixth man of the year?

Also bet on each match of the competition. Work out who will win the match as well as the final score or the total number of points. Which team will come out on top after the first quarter or at half-time?

To predict the match's result, use all your basketball knowledge. For a bit of help, look at the odds to find the bet that will win you the most. The smaller a bet's odds are, the bigger the chances of it being a winning bet!

Do you want to bet on several markets at once? Try our system and combination bets. If you win, your bet slip's odds are multiplied, which considerably increases your winnings!

But that's not all! Also bet live on all the NBA matches. Increase the suspense of a match and double the enjoyment if you win. With our live bets, you are ready to place a winning bet as soon as the right moment comes. Make the most of odds that change depending on the development of the match. Keep an eye out to bet with the best odds in the moment!

Need help? Don't hesitate to check out our tips and tricks for betting on basketball.

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